While most of the options in the sample-wd-options.cfg* can be used as command line arguments, there are a few that are specific to the EXE version. The command, expected argument type, and description can be found below.

HELP, "Displays the program help information"

BUILD_TAG, po::value<std::string>(), "Display a custom 'tag' during program execution"

CONFIG_FILE_PATH, po::value<std::string>(), "Path to a file containing the program options"

USE_CLI, po::value<bool>()->implicit_value(true), "Run program using the command-line interface"

USE_ALT_BOOTLOADER, po::value<bool>()->implicit_value(true), "Force usage of the alternative bootloader (wee63.mbr)"

AUTO_RESTART, po::value<bool>()->implicit_value(true), "Automatically restart computer after installation"

BOOT_TIMEOUT, po::value<int>(), "Adjust the boot screen timeout value (in seconds)"

USE_WINDOWS_NETWORK_INFO, po::value<bool>()->implicit_value(true), "Use the currently configured Windows network details (if more than one network device, you will be prompted to make a selection)"

IP_ADDRESS, po::value<std::string>(), "Use the provided IP address (dotted decimal format)"

IP_NETMASK, po::value<std::string>(), "Use the provided subnet mask (dotted decimal format)"

IP_GATEWAY, po::value<std::string>(), "Use the provided gateway address (dotted decimal format)"

IP_MACADDRESS, po::value<std::string>(), "Specify the mac address of the interface to be configured format: AA:AA:..."

IP_FILTER, po::value<std::string>(), "Specify a filter for the ip address to get from windows (10. -> matches on 10.xx.xx.xx"

DNS_SERVER, po::value<std::string>(), "Use the provided DNS address (dotted decimal format)"

DEFAULT_WIPE_LEVEL, po::value<char>(), "Sets the default wipe level")(        EMBED_CONFIG, po::value<std::string>(), "Creates a copy of the program with the specified configuration file embedded"

STARTUP_PASSWORD, po::value<std::string>(), "Password to authorize use of WipeDrive Prime"

DEFAULT_WIPE_LEVEL, po::value<char>(), "Sets the default wipe level"

* This cfg file can be found in the root folder of a WipeDrive ISO.