Windows Share saves the logs generated by WipeDrive  to a shared folder across a network. For this article we will run though how to set up a shared folder and how to connect WipeDrive to that Shared Folder.

Creating a Shared Folder

To create a shared folder we need to create a folder and then right click on the newly made folder and go to Properties. We recommend that this folder is in the root directory of the hard drive you are using. WipeDrive uses an accounts Username and password to access the shared folder. The folder we made needs to allows read and write access to the account that WipeDrive is using to access the shared folder. 

In the properties menu we need to go to the Sharing section, here click the share button. In the Network access Panel add the account you want WipeDrive to use and allow it read and write access to the folder. 

If the folder you want to save the logs to is deeper in the file system you will need to do this for every folder that leads to the folder you want to save the logs to.

After the Folder is shared we can boot up wipe drive and try to connect to the new folder. Inside of Wipedrive you will want to be at the Drive Selection Screen, there you can see an Options Button on the top right of the screen. In the options tab we will want to go to Log Types and Destinations. From there choose a file type and select Windows Share

There are 6 fields here that we can fill out

Host: In the Host field we need to add the Machine hosting the Shared Folders IP address or the name of the machine on the network

Username: The Username is the username of the account we allowed read and write access to the shared folder. 

Password: The Password is the Password of the account we allowed read and write access to the shared folder. 

Domain: If the user account is tied to a domain you will put the domain in this field

Path: In the path field you need to enter the path to the folder we shared earlier.  It should look something like Folder1/Folder2/SavedLogs 

Security: If you are experiencing issues with the provided security options and are unable to connect to the network share, you can allow WipeDrive to attempt  all security option permutations. This is not recommended as depending on how the server is configured, many connection attempts could result in the account being blocked. This option cannot be combined with use-ntlmv2 or use-sign-ntlmv2.

After filling out the fields you can now test to see if Wipe Drive can connect to the shared folder. If you get an error saying you can not connect, double check to make sure the username and passwords are the same. Another thing you can check is to make sure the folder path is allowing read and write for each folder until you reach the destination you want to save the logs to.