After a SQL server has been set up, the schema needs to be configured for use with WipeDrive and other tools. In order to do this, you will need to download and run the latest database tools. Links to those downloads can be found here:

WhiteCanyon SQL Database Initializer

WhiteCanyon SQL Query Tool


Firstly, you'll need to run the Database Initializer. This can be done from any system that has access to the database, remotely or locally.

Once the initializer has been downloaded and installed, when ran it will prompt you for your database user credentials.

After all your credentials have been entered, simply press 'Populate Database' and the tool will make all the necessary updates to the database for you. Once this has been completed, WipeDrive can begin logging to the database.

The Query Tool is used to view records in the SQL database. After installing, running, and inputting your credentials, you'll be able to view the reports in a convenient UI as well as export the information in other formats such as PDF or XML.