The instructions below provide a brief overview of the steps necessary to run WipeDrive in a WinPE.

For more detailed instructions, as well as for instructions on how to perform alternative tasks, see Microsoft's documentation:

Note: The path used here the WinPE-Creator tool is stored can be modified, but we recommend placing it in the root of the C: drive.


64 WinPE-Creator

  • Make sure the ADK and the Add-on above are already installed on your Windows machine.
  • Download and extract the WinPE-Creator in the root of your C: Drive.
  • If required, download and copy any relevant drivers into the Drivers folder (.cab .inf).
  • In the Script folder check, there is a winpeshl.ini file or create one with the following.
    •  [LaunchApps]

      Net use Z: \\Server\share /user:username Password
       "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\WipeDrive\wipedrive.exe"

    • Note: Net use command creates a Windows share that enables WipeDrive to log to it. If you are not logging into a Windows share, remove the net use line. 

  • Place an appropriate copy of wipeDrive in the folder Softwares

    • Note: If you are using a custom build, make sure to place the wd-options.cfg file into the WipeDrive folder.

    • Note2: If you want to add other tools you need top copy them to the same Software folder.

  • Right-click on the WinPE-creator.bat and run it as Administrator.

  • It will open a CMD window and will ask you to enter the name for the ISO.

  • Press enter and the process will finish automatically.

  • When the process closes you can find the new ISO inside the WinPE-ISO folder.

  • In order to create a bootable USB with the new ISO, follow the instructions here.