On newer models of HP computers that have UEFI booting, some may still need to have UEFI disabled and Legacy mode enabled.

 Use the following instructions.  Depending on the model, menu choices may vary.

  • Turn on the computer - immediately begin tapping the F10 key to enter BIOS/UEFI setup mode.
  • In setup mode, select "Security" then "Secure Boot Configuration." - you may need to press F10 to continue.
  • In the Secure Boot Configuration screen, disable Secure Mode and enable legacy mode.
  • Save changes and restart the computer.
  • Immediately upon restart, press F9 to enter the boot device selection screen.
  • At this point, you may need to enter a code that they give you on the screen to proceed.
  • Select the USB from the Legacy mode section.
  • It should now boot into the Password Removal Tool.