When encrypting the passwords stored in the wd-options.cfg file, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure they are both encrypted and saved.


Step 1) You can either add the line "encrypt-settings=wd-options.cfg" (no quotes) to the wd-options.cfg file, or you can run wipedrive --encrypt-settings= from the command line.


Step 2) If changing the wd-options.cfg, you will need to run the software-- you cannot simply make the edit, and then have it be applied without this step. 


Step 3) At this point, the password is encrypted, but only in the system memory. The change needs to be saved out as well. To do this, navigate to the settings in WipeDrive. Once there, check the "Save Out Config" box and then hit "Accept Settings."



The resultant encrypted password should look like this:



This process needs to be repeated with each bootable drive created. 

Note: AES is the encryption standard used by WipeDrive to encrypt passwords.