The network tests are designed to detect and test all active interfaces found of a specific type. This set of tests requires either a physical Ethernet connection or that the Wi-Fi parameters have already been entered and configured prior to the test running. The Network tests are also non-interactive and will run automatically when configured. Once all interfaces have been detected, each interface will be tested for connectivity to the nearest Gateway on the network. An interface will show a failure if this operation cannot be performed. If a test fails, details can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding row of the failed test. An automatic countdown will start and will automatically move on with the other selected hardware tests unless a test item is clicked for additional details.



The Wireless network test can be configured to scan for available SSID’s instead of performing a connectivity test, removing the need for prior Wi-Fi configuration. An additional search option can be supplied to further configure this testing mode so that it will search for specific SSID’s that match the given search parameters. This search option supports the entry of any valid regular expression. Some networking devices are configured to ignore any ICMP echo request/reply commands, which will cause an interface test to fail. If a desired IP destination address is known, it can be entered via the settings page so that this address will be used for connectivity testing, rather than the default nearest gateway.



Please note: Wi-Fi is only accessible if the machine running the program has a Wireless Internet card that has drivers which are supported in Linux.