The processor tests are designed to vigorously test your machine’s CPU by testing a large subset of operations for each supported family of processor commands, being inclusive of all registers and areas of the processing unit. By default, the configuration will test all supported command set families and registers for a given duration but alternatively can be configured to run tests for specific families (when supported). Please note: these tests do not run on 32-bit processors and are only accessible on 64-bit builds.


CPU Sub Test Categories:

  • Matrix Math Extension (MMX)
  • Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE)
  • SSE v. 2
  • SSE v. 3
  • SSE v. 4.1
  • SSE v. 4.2
  • Advanced Vector Extension (AVX)
  • AVX v. 2
  • Floating Point Unit (FPU)
  • Prime Number Generator
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)


The processor tests are non-interactive and will engage the CPU for the length of a specified duration. Each enabled sub-test category will be run in the succession of each other, and results will be displayed upon all the tests finishing. If a test fails, details can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding row of the failed test. An automatic countdown will start and will automatically move on with the other selected hardware tests unless a test item is clicked for additional details.