Detalys is a verbose and configurable hardware testing and diagnostics suite that provides you, the user, both automatic and interactive testing options that target all core components of the computer. These tests can play a vital role in assessing a recycled hardware asset’s functionality and overall value by bringing to light any defects therein. Detalys is an essential tool that should be integrated into the asset evaluation process. Detalys is licensed separately from WipeDrive. For reporting and diagnostic purposes, Detalys may require an active internet connection..  


Non-Interactive Tests:

Non-interactive tests require no input from the user. 


  • Processor Tests

  • Network Tests  

  • Storage Tests

  • Memory


Interactive Tests:

Interactive tests require input from the user. These are indicated by a * in the software. 


  • Display Tests

  • Mouse Tests

  • Keyboard Tests  

  • Webcam Test

  • Speaker and Microphone Tests

  • Battery Tests

  • USB Ports Test