The USB Ports test will help the user determine the functionality of all USB-1, USB-2, USB-3, and USB-C type ports found on the device being tested. Before the test is started, all USB devices should be removed from the system. Once the test has begun, the user will attach a USB storage device to a port on the device. When the device is recognized, the user interface will indicate that a device was attached. The device can be removed from the port and the interface should indicate the removal of the device as well. After these actions have been performed for the port being tested, the port can be graded as either pass or fail. If there are more ports to test, the user will select the ‘Next Port’ button and then will repeat the same process previously mentioned on the new port. Once this has been done for every USB port available on the device, pressing ‘Finish’ will conclude the test and submit the results.