The WipeDrive Query tool has the ability to export records from the WipeDrive database as individual log files. These log files will typically follow close to the same format that WipeDrive uses if it would have generated the log file itself. If you would like to export a log file from your database, simply navigate to the record you wish to export. Click on the record you want to select, which should highlight the row in blue. If you would like to export multiple records at a time, simply hold the 'Ctrl' key and click on each additional record you wish to export.

Right click on a highlighted row. This should bring up an option to export the record(s) as a log file.

Once 'Export Log(s)... ' has been selected, you should be presented with a dialog where you can select the location you would like to have the log file(s) saved to. There will also be a drop-down menu, which allows you to select which file format you wish to export the log(s) as. 

Once a selection is made, press 'Save' and your log file(s) will be generated and saved in the chosen location.