Initializer v1.40.0
* Add new tables/columns to track the following:
  - HardDisk logical sector size, bytes, WWID
  - Computer PCI express slots
  - Motherboard asset tag, serial, version, total ram slots
  - CPU family, serial, asset tag, max speed, voltage, signature, characteristics, flags
  - NIC interface, capabilities, configuration
  - Multimedia card PCI id
  - DiskOperationLog pattern short name and pattern index
  - Battery manufacturer date, capacity, cycle count, voltage (now/max design/min design)
  - Mouse product name
  - Keyboard product name
  - Bios manufacturer, version, date, rom size, revision, firmware revision, characteristics


Query Tool v1.40.0
* Add - XML importer is now aware of the additional hardware fields listed above.
* Fix - Bug causing some computer information to be hidden when the control has focus.


Initializer v1.39.0
* Add - TPM tables

Query Tool v1.39.0
* Add - Display TPM information
* Add - UI improvements to the filter dialog
* Add - Added the username, computer id, and custom field, and success/failure to filter dialog
* Add - Now possible to filter on multiple items (Example: you can add multiple serial numbers separated with newlines, commas, etc and the program will find them all).

* Add - UI improvements to the file export process

* Add - Ability to export consolidated PDF and XML files

* Add - Added ability to export batches of logs from the command line



Query Tool v1.38.2

* Add - XML exporter now includes DCOLockRemoved and SecurityFrozenRemoved fields

* Fix - Enforce ORDER BY when querying the database

* Fix - XML exporter now saves PreTest results in the correct structure


Query Tool v1.38.1

* Fix -  logs no longer fail the validation check during import under certain conditions.


Initializer v1.38.0

* Add - HardDisk EUI64 and Sector Size fields

* Add - DiskOperationLog GroupUUID field


Query Tool v1.38.0

* Add - Display RAM testing results

* Add - EUI64, Sector Size, RAM testing to log exporters

* Add - Support for decrypting encrypted log files

* Add - New and improved dialog for importing log files


Initializer v1.37.0

* Add - Hardware Testing tables

* Add - Columns for TrimPasses, TrimType, and PSID


Query Tool v1.37.0

* Add - Condensed/Updated PDF and HTML logs to new style

* Add - Hardware tests to log exports

* Add - View hardware test results in UI

* Add - support for TrimPasses, TrimType, and PSID in log exports

* Add - support for TrimPasses, TrimType, and PSID in XML log importer

* Add - Support for Picea schema version 2.


Initializer v1.36.0

* Add - Can now specify a port by including one with the host using a host:port format

* Add - MySQL SSL support has been simplified

* Add - Add new SyncLog table


Query Tool v1.35.7

* Adds support for Picea tables

* Automatically hides tabs for tables that aren’t used (ie: if you don’t use WipeDrive Mobile, you won’t see the iOS tabs)


Query Tool v1.35.5

* Add - CSV logging support

* Add - Updated various graphics and made some minor UI improvements.


Query Tool v1.35.4

* Fix - Imported log files no longer show as modified


Query Tool v1.35.3

* Add - Can now export multiple logs at a time

* Add - Can now view up to 1000 records at a time

* Add - Updated graphics

* Fix - No longer need to restart program on failed login

* Fix - No longer showing VeriDrive-only fields in WipeDrive entries

* Fix - Can now import foreign language log files

* Fix - Raid information will now be correctly imported from log files


Initializer v1.35.0

* Add - New Columns for `DriveMediaType`, `SSDPercentageOfLifeUsed`.

* Add - New indexes on HardDisk.Serial, Computer.ComputerSerial, DiskOperationLog.PatternName to improve performance.

* Add - Secondary indexes on some primary key columns to improve performance


Query tool v1.35.2

* Fix - Fixed bug preventing WipeDrive for Windows logs from importing

* Fix - Cases where log file hash would be incorrectly calculated

* Fix - Various log XML import/export issues were resolved

* Add - Display SSD Percentage of Life Used and Drive Media Type information

* Add - You may now press 'F5' to reload the data from the database


Initializer v1.34.3

* Fixed a regression that caused us to no longer connect to non-SSL encrypted MySQL servers.


Query Tool v1.34.3

* Fixed a regression that caused us to no longer connect to non-SSL encrypted MySQL servers.


Initializer v1.34.2

* Add - Upgraded to .NET v4.5.2.

* Add - Upgraded MigratorDotNet to v0.9.2.

* Add - Upgraded MySQL Connector to v8.0.11.

* Add - Database details are now saved between sessions.

* Fix - Now possible to roll database back to versions prior to 19 and forwards again.


Query Tool v1.34.1

* Add - Ability to impersonate users for Microsoft SQL connections that use Integrated Security.

* Add - Upgraded to .NET 4.5.2.

* Add - Upgraded MySQL Connector to v8.0.11.

* Add - Formatting change to the PDF file

* Add - Updated watermark

* Fix - Smaller sized pdfs.