VeriDrive 0.4.8:
  • VeriDrive reports first sector with problem to aid in manual verification
  • Option to allow VeriDrive to automatically exit when complete
VeriDrive 0.4.5:
  • VeriDrive now supports the "log-removable" tag option, which allows a user to select a USB device for logging when more than one USB drive is present.
  • Added support for not requiring/taking licenses when a drive is very small (less than 1,100,000 bytes).
  • Add License Drive support for VeriDrive.
  • Fixed some serial number display issues in VeriDrive.
  • Added replacement string support for "overall-status" and "wipe-status".
VeriDrive 0.4.2:
  • Fixed critical bug where the a drive may not be fully verified. No version of VeriDrive prior to 0.4.2. should be used.