If you receive this error while running WipeDrive Mobile or a 4-digit pin is preventing you from running the software, you will need to use recovery mode in order to continue.

In order to put your device into recovery mode, please refer to the following steps:

1.       Turn off your device.
2.       Plug in your device’s USB cable to a computer with iTunes.
3.       Hold down the Home button on your device as you connect the USB cable. Continue holding down the Home button until you see the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen.
4.       When you see this screen, release the Home button. If you do not see the screen, follow these steps again.

Once your device is connected, iTunes will open and inform you that it has detected a device in recovery mode.
Use iTunes to restore your device. Restoring while in recovery mode will erase your device. Once completed, run WipeDrive Mobile.

If for whatever reason you need to get out of recovery mode and do not wish to erase the device, simply restart it or wait 15 minutes and it will automatically exit recovery mode.