If you received an error during the checkout process and are unsure if the order went through, it is important to remember not to refresh any pages, navigate back to a previous page, or submit the order again. When an order is placed and confirmed by our servers, we will send out a confirmation e-mail. Please double-check the e-mail account to see if any orders have gone through.

If you were given an order number, or have received an e-mail with your order number and download links, your order has been processed.  Please check the e-mail you entered into your billing information for more information.  If you do not see the e-mail right away, please check either your spam or junk folders, or wait about 10-20 minutes to see if it arrives.

If you are still unsure if your order went through, please contact us with your full billing name and request that we see if your order went through by using any of these means:

E-mail us at support@whitecanyon.com