Below are instructions on how to create a custom build. Please keep in mind, if you are a current Enterprise customer with an active license, we will happily create a custom build for you. To request a custom build, please fill out the Custom Build form here.

1) Download Ultra ISO. You can download it here.

2) Download the ISO file sent from WhiteCanyon Software.

3) Open the ISO file using Ultra ISO and copy the sample-wd-options.cfg file to your desktop.

4) Change the name of the config file to wd-options.cfg

5) Open the config file and change any of the settings you want. There is an explanation before each option saying what to change and how. Make sure to get rid of the pound sign before any options that you want to use. Anything with a pound sign in front of it will be ignored by the software. For example, in order to have your Cloud Code automatically populate when you run the software, you will want to change the 4th paragraph to say “cloud-act-code=YOUR-CLOUD-CODE-HERE” with no quotation marks or pound sign.

6) Once you have finished making any necessary changes, put the wd-options.cfg file into the ISO (which you should still have opened with Ultra ISO) and click save.

7) Burn the ISO to a CD or USB.

--You can view instructions on creating a bootable CD here.

--You can view instructions on creating a bootable USB here.